Room 6

Room 6 have had an exciting start to the new term. In English they have been focusing on ‘Persuasive Texts’ and exploring how there are many different forms of Persuasion. The Students have explored letters, posters, adverts and articles which can persuade the reader and had their own class debate on the topic ‘Dogs Make the Best Pets.’ The students looked the use of persuasive language and used these new phrases when writing their own piece on Dogs make the Best Pets. 

Knowing that advertisements on the television are one of the main modes of persuasion they students looked at a range of adverts including the John Lewis Christmas Adverts, Marks and Spencers, Movie trailers, Book Trailers and Food/ drink Advertisements. They used the Thinking Routine ‘See, Think, Wonder’ when discussing the Adverts and made a diagram of all the similarities that the adverts used. The students then planned their own advertisement on a topic of their choice and used iMovie on the I Pads to create their own Advertisement.