Room 21: What a year we’ve had!

We’ve had an exciting, eventful year.
Here are some of the interesting topics covered in 4th class so far:
• Myths and Legends (The Children of Lir & Tuatha Dé Danann), Ancient Societies (The Romans, Celts & Greeks), history of Ashbourne and the spread of Christianity.
• The solar system, the power of nature, trees and forces.
• Mosaics, Mad Hatter hats, painting winter scenes and Christmas card making.
• Anne Frank diary, Billionaire Boy novel and Book Detectives.
• Division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, large numbers (thousands), 2D shapes, symmetry, word problems and online games.
• A lán Gaeilge. Mé Féin, Sa Bhaile, Éadaí agus Bia. Amhráin, dánta agus dráma.
• Athletics, gymnastics, games and dancing.
• Online safety. We typed up projects on laptops using Word and Comic Life. We used iPads to play numeracy/literacy games and to carry out research for projects.
• Tin-whistle, song singing, music notation, improvisation drama and the ‘Away With The Manger’ Christmas play.

Lots done and lots more ahead of us in 2017!
Merry Christmas everyone.