Room 11 visit Ashbourne Garda Station

We were very lucky today and got to go on a trip to Ashbourne Garda station. Liam’s Mam Valerie and Ms Mc Enroy came with us.¬†Garda Aishling and Garda Nicola met us there. We got a tour of the station. We got to see the cells and the interview room. Nicola brought us outside and showed us the Garda cars, vans and jeeps. She let us sit in the car, put the siren on and talk on the radio. She locked us into the Garda van and only let us out when we promised to be really good for teacher. Aishling took our fingerprints using some special ink. It was a very interesting day and we learnt lots of things. Maybe some day some of us will be working as Guards !!!