A robbery took place in St Declan’s on Friday the 23rd of October. Ms Molloy came back to her classroom after big break only to discover her copper coin jar had been stolen from her classroom. She followed the footprints which led in next door to Ms Doran’s classroom. Ms Doran and her children denied knowing anything about the robbery and said they didn’t see anything suspicious. Ms Molloy contacted Ashbourne Garda Station who sent up Garda Collier to investigate the event. When Garda Collier entered Room 13 Ms Doran was nowhere to be seen. Her children reported to Garda Collier that Ms Doran was actually gone on her holidays to Spain !! Garda Collier smelt a rat and discovered Ms Doran hiding under one of the tables clutching the copper jar closely to her chest. When questioned she broke down and confessed to the theft. She said she needed the money to buy a new Halloween dress for the Halloween disco. Garda Collier took a statement from her brought her in next door to Ms Molloy’s class to apologise for her crime and to promise never to do anything like that again. Ms Molloy and her class accepted her apology and they shook hands. Lets hope Ms Doran behaves herself over the Halloween or she will have to spend a night in the cells.