Recount Writing

For the past few weeks all classes have been working on the area of recount writing.

What is Recount Writing ?

A recount is the retelling or recounting of an event ,
The purpose of a recount is to retell past events in time order.
A recount has a title, a setting, events in chronological order, and a conclusion.
A recount always uses the past tense and paragraphs to separate events.

Tips for Recount Writing

Plan by thinking ‘Who? What? When? Why?’ Start with an orientation paragraph that informs the reader about the content of the recount. Recount events in chronological order.
Draw a flow chart to help sequence events. Recount events that are significant and those that amuse the reader.
Use connectives that signal time e.g. then, next, meanwhile, finally etc.
Write as if you are telling the story but always use the past tense
End with a closing statement that comments on the events

Ms Kelly Room 7 Third Class

Mr Clarke 4th Class Room 6

Mrs Reilly 5th Class Room 5