Readathon for MS

MS Readathon is the perfect opportunity to encourage young children to read. It encourages those who already seasoned bookworms and helps those who seldom read to rediscover the sense of wonder and adventure they once felt when they first heard “Once upon a time”. We have several classes from 2nd to 6th getting involved in this readathon.

How does it work ?                                                                                 Every child just picks the books they want to read. They can pick as many or as few as they want. Then they ask their friends and family to sponsor them.Then they start reading – and gobbling up as many books as they can. The readathon is happening nationwide from the 11th of October to the 11th of November.

What is MS ?

MS affects people in different ways. Some people have problems walking, seeing things, remembering things properly, going to the toilet or feeling really tired a lot of the time.MS not only affects your body and mind, it can also affect lots of daily activities. Shopping, working, making dinner, playing in the garden or going out with friends can sometimes be more difficult for people with MS.There is no cure for MS. Some medications can help and many people with MS use exercise, a balanced diet and alternative therapies such as reflexology, to help them feel better.

We had a speaker in from MS to speak to the children about the importance of raising money for this organisation. We wish the children well as they start the readathon and a bg thank you to Ms Mc Nulty for organising it for our school.