Quiz Teams

Good luck to our quiz teams who will represent St. Declan’s in the first round of the Credit Union Quiz in the Pillo Hotel in Ashbourne on Friday the 1st of February at 7pm. We know they will do St. Declan’s proud. Thank you to Ms O’Malley who has been preparing the children for the event.

Junior Quiz Team

Adam Mc Mahon Room 20 4th Class                                    

Robert Kelly Room 5 4th Class                                                    

Kate Moss Room 24 5th Class                                               

Cillian Ryan Room 24 5th Class                                

Senior Quiz Team

Nafina McGuire Room 2 6th Class                                                   

Aoife Derwin Room 2 6th Class                                                

Eoin Byrne Room 2 6th Class                                             

Matthew King Room 3 6th Class

                                Senior Quiz Team 2019

                                   Junior Quiz Team 2019