Our Spanish Projects Room 11 First Class

We have been very busy in first class over the past few weeks. We were learning all about Spain. We all did a little project and brought them into class to present it to our friends. Here are some of the interesting things we learnt about Spain.
The Spanish name for Spain is Espana.
Spain is located in Europe.
The largest city and capital of Spain is Madrid.
The population of Spain is around 47 million.
In Spain they drive on the right hand side of the road.
Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain.
The currency used in Spain is the Euro.
Portugal is beside Spain.
The longest river is the Rio Ebro.
The Pyrenees is a mountain range between Spain and France.
The Spanish people have their own Royal family.
Spain is known for its flamenco dance.
The running of the bulls is a very important festival in Spain.
The weather gets very hot in the Summer an lots of people go to Spain on their holidays.
Paella is a very popular Spanish dish which includes rice and fish.
Spanish is spoken in Spain.
Have a look at our fantastic work.

We invited Ms Clifford’s class and Ms Jenkinson’s class over to our room to look at our projects. They thought we did a great job.

Naia’s Mam came into our class and did some Flamenco dancing for us. She was really good and we asked her lots of interesting questions about Spain.

We made some Spanish flags.