Naughty Elves At Play In St. Declan’s

Mr Farrell Room 2 came into his classroom this morning to find that Decky and Eddie had messed up all the footballs and were throwing the balls around the classroom.

Callum’s books were thrown on the ground by the naughty pair.

Mr Farrell kept them in his classroom and made them do some work to teach them a lesson.

Mrs Collier brought Decky and Eddie up to her office but when she went to do some photocopying they took out all the medals and trophies for assembly.

When Mr Mc Keown came into his classroom today Eddie was singing a few tunes on his guitar and Decky was singing along. They were actually much better than Mr Mc Keown ……. but that wouldn’t be too hard!!!

Ms King got a terrible fright when she found her Christmas knocked over by two rascals…….You’ve guessed it Eddie and Decky !!