Mr Farrell Room 2

On Wednesday the 8th of November, our three first classes got to visit the Soliste Theatre in Navan as part of book week celebrations. They went to an interactive workshop by Dave Rudden. Dave is a children’s author and he spoke to the children about hi first novel “Knights of the borrowed dark”.The Borrowed Dark focuses on the life of Denizen Hardwick who, on his 14th birthday, was summoned from the orphanage he grew up in by a mysterious aunt he never knew existed. It becomes immediately obvious that there was more to his world than Denizen ever imagined and he soon finds himself among the Knights of the Borrowed Darkness, an ancient order that protects the world from the dark realm of the Tenebrae and their powerful master, the Endless King. The children really enjoyed the workshop and on the way home they visited Balrath Woods to go on a nature walk.