Mini leagues

This year our 6th class took part in refereeing matches throughout September, October and November. We were supervised by the football teachers. 13 boys were referees in the matches. We think it really benefitted the sixth class because it was good to get experience knowing the all the rules of the game. This is called peer- refereeing. Fourth and fifth class took part in the mini blitz. It was great fun being a referee because you got to blow your whistle when it was a free-kick or when it went wide. I think the kids who are playing in it would prefer the sixth class refereeing than the teachers because the sixth class were playing in it just last year. The sixth class set up three pitches every day. We would like to thank the teachers that made this possible for us Mr. Farrell, Mr. McKeown, Mr. Clarke and Mr. Lydon. We would also like to thank our principal Mr Reidy for letting us use the pitch for the blitz.  It was great fun for all the students.

By Dillon O’Brien and Adam Bermingham.