Mini Leagues

Mini leagues has been going on in St. Declan’s over the past couple of weeks at break time. Children from classes third to fifth are encouraged to join in the fun even if they are not regular football players. The teams are picked by Mr Mc Keown and Mr Farrell and the teachers names are put into a hat to train the teams. There was some very tight matches leading up to the final with Mr Reidy’s team losing in the Semi Final. Eventually it was whittled down to two teams. Boardsmill trained by Ms Tobin and Ms Jenkinson and Traceys Kilbrittian managed by Ms Carey and Ms Collins.

The sun beamed down as the entire school went up to the pitch to support the two teams.

It was a really close match and both teams performed superbly. Boardsmill pulled away in the last few minutes to secure a two point lead over their opponents and became the winners of the Mini Leagues 2017. Have a look at some of the action shots.

Well done to Ms Carey and Ms Collins on getting as far as the final They put up a great fight.

Congratulations to the winning team Borddsmill on becoming te new Mini Leagues champions Well done to their coaches Ms Tobin and Ms Jenkinson