Mindfulness Workshop for Staff

As part of Well Being Week in St. Declan’s our staff took part in a mindfulness workshop yesterday which was facilitated by Ann Marie Ireland from Breathing Space Ireland.We found it highly engaging and interactive, whilst relaxing. We learnt about…………………..

  • the science of stress and neuroplasticity 
  • self-care practice and what that means 
  • responses to stress – the effects on us and on our connections with others both personally and professionally 
  • building resilience
  • renewing our ‘energy wells’ in practical, simple and gentle ways
  • Practical ideas and lessons that  can be implemented directly into the classroom/resource room on a daily basis and under the SPHE curriculum  

We engaged in some mindful practices. We found the workshop calm and relaxing. It gave us time to pause, breathe and renew our energy levels. We hope to transfer some of the skills and practices into our classrooms.