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Meath HSE Speech and Language Therapy Services

Meath HSE Speech and Language Therapy Department’s Health Promotion Team have been working on ways to share general information with the public through social media platforms. Their aim is to provide parents and teachers with regular updates and information on supporting children’s speech, language and communication development at home and in school. These social media platforms do not take the place of direct speech and language therapy where it is needed. They aim to educate and inform all members of the public who have an interest in supporting children’s speech and language development either at home or in a classroom environment. The information provided will be beneficial to parents and teachers of ALL children, whether there are speech and language needs or not. 

Here are some of their new resources.

  • Youtube channel: “Meath Speech and Language Therapy”,
  •  Instagram page: @meathslt and
  • Facebook page: “Meath HSE Speech and Language Therapy Department”.