Maths Trails

What is a Maths Trail?  

A maths trail is an activity based assignment that can take place within the classroom, the school building, in the school grounds or in the locality of the school.  

Why do we use Maths Trails?                                                          

The use of trails supports the aims of the primary school curriculum by:
● Encouraging children to have a positive attitude to a subject.
● Developing confidence in children through applying skills in practical real life situations.
● Facilitating meaningful talk and discussion as children work collaboratively on tasks and activities.
● Consolidating learning through engaging with ideas and concepts in a wide variety of situations.
Trails can present opportunities for revision and reinforcement of concepts covered in class but also to introduce new ideas in an exciting and interesting manner. Both the science and the mathematics curricula emphasise the importance of skills development.

Children working on trails can, through talking to others and discussing their ideas, develop skills such as reasoning, observing and predicting, estimating, investigating, recording,analysing and reporting. 

Maths Traill Room 5 Ms Jenkinson’d 5th Class

Maths Trail Room 11 Ms Curran 3rd Class