Marshmallow Madness!

Rang a haon have been learning about 3-D shapes. We have been doing some great active learning, playing with the shapes and making the shapes. I think our favourite game is the ‘Feelie Bag’. teacher puts a 3-D shape into the bag and picks a lollipop stick. That person has to come up and put their hand into the feelie bag. We describe the shape to the class, how many corners?  How many faces? Then we try and figure out what shape is in the bag. We’re getting good 🙂 We have identified shapes in the environment and gone on a shape walk! Here are some pictures of us making cubes and cuboids using cocktail sticks as the sides and marshmallow (MMmmmm!) as the corners (and YES of course we got to eat the left overs!).

Would you be able to make a cylinder using cocktail sticks and marshmallows? …….Why?/ Why not?

Ms Doran, First Class, Room 6A