Making Butter! Second Class Room 18 Ms Doran

Today we had such fun! We made butter from scratch and it was easier than you’d think. We brought in some jars from home. We shared them out (we are really kind in our class and some people brought extras to share!) We worked with our neighbour and ‘boy’ are we glad we had the help! Teacher filled the jar 1/3 full with fresh cream and we tightened the lid! Then for the fun part……. shake, shake, shake. We stopped and had a look when it got to the whipped cream. Then we started shaking again and didn’t stop until we had a ball of butter in the jar with some liquid left over! We poured out the liquid and then the best part…… teacher brought in some bread and jam and we enjoyed the fruits of our labour!
Ask us to explain all the science behind what happened and we can tell you.

Until next time,
Second Class and Ms Doran
Room 18