Life in 4th class :)

Life in 4th class
Life in 4th class is no different than 3rd class. It’s very much the same.
It’s just the subjects get a bit harder. The maths is a tiny bit harder. The Irish is easier than it ever was. My tables are good, we’re doing revision on the plus tables. I think it is too easy. Our homework is ok, I like it.
4th class is easy and awesome!!!
Adam Flynn.

Some people say that 4th class is hard, well it is not. 4th class is the easiest class between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. I love 4th class, there is no better class I’d rather be in. In 4th you would probably get a great teacher like me, and easy books as well. It is just revising what you did in 3rd class. The year will just fly by because of how easy it is. I love 4th class, you will too.
Áine Robertson.

Fourth class has just started for me and I am excited about the year ahead. The work seems more challenging than last year, and we have a lot more homework. We now have a ‘Worry Box’, where we can put our written worries (anonymously) and people can help to solve them. A new game has been introduced to our P.E. lessons called Bench Ball. Our chairs are bigger and we have more work to do. The vocabulary used in our English books is of a larger variety. I cannot wait for the year ahead, as I am sure that it will be as challenging, beneficial and fun as possible!
Mia Craven.
4th Class
To me fourth class is very easy. I was lucky enough to get the same teacher that I had for 3rd class. I find that so far 4th class is very like 3rd class. I think that further on in the year it will begin to get a lot harder. At home I complain that 4th class is so easy, until I realised that it will only get harder. I was lucky not to be put in a split class so I have all of my friends with me. For P.E. we play a game called bench ball, it is really fun. Every day in our class we have a maths and Irish game. If we win we get a fake €20 note for 1st place, 2nd place you get a fake €10 and for 3rd place you get a €5 note, the same goes for Irish. The rules for the Irish game are that if you know the answer, you say your name. For the maths game, the rules are if you know the answer you say it, and the first person to say the answer gets into the next round. This year I was voted for Green Schools. Over the last few years I have learnt how to play the Accordion, Tin-whistle and the Piano. This Summer I learnt how to play the flute; it took a while to be able to play properly but now I go to lessons, so that really helps. I am currently learning how to play the Tarbolton on the flute. My tin-whistle/ flute teacher is Fiona Kelly, she also works in my school.
Ana Farrell.

Ana Gathergood has just returned from Australia. She lived in Melbourne for one year. We are delighted to welcome her back to St. Declan’s!

School in Australia is very different to school in Ireland. First the homework is different in Australia. The difference is you get a booklet on Monday and you could do it all on one day, or spread it out, but you have to bring it in on Friday.
Amsily Park is much bigger than St Declan’s. It has a basketball court, two play grounds, and a soccer pitch, as well as an Australian rules pitch and two cricket cages, and lots of space to run and play. Ozzi rules are played on an oval shaped pitch. The ball is shaped like a rugby ball. The goals are four poles in the ground two small ones and two tall ones. The tall ones are in the middle and the small ones are on the outside. These are on either end of the pitch. If you kick in between the middle you score 6 points and if you throw in the middle you get 1 point. If you kick between the smaller and the taller, you get 1 point. That is the same if you throw the smaller and the taller. The positions are defence, midfield and attacker.
In Australia you have assembly on Monday. You go to the hall at the start of the day. In assembly you sing the National anthem and school song. Then the Principle will talk. Then the teachers will hand out certificates, but not to everyone though.
The lessons are different as well 1: You get ICT, which is computers. PE is also different, you have a different teacher than your classroom teacher. The Language is different, you learn German.
Everybody should be treated the same way.
Anna Gathergood with help from Freya Dolan!

I like school and the work! It’s fun! There’s a lot of good things about school, like PE and art. I have a lot of good friends in 4th class. I really like the mini leagues in school. They are fun and you meet lots of friends there. My teachers name is Ms Clifford. Liam O’ Neil visited our school. He was asking us questions in our school and he said he was going to be on TV. He is a retired hurley player for Laois. He knew that Laois would never win Sam or Liam so he wanted to give the cup instead or waiting to get it, if ever!

It’s not bad being in fourth class. We do fun stuff like benchball, listen to music
and even art. That’s not all we do, we have to do maths, english, geography,
history and science .
We have got five new classmates, their names are Anna, Áine, Timur, Adam and Jason. We had the president of the G.A.A visit. He brought the Sam Maguire Cup. He is from Laois and he is 59 years old. He is getting replaced in 6 months time.
Our P.E times are Wednesday and Friday. Our teacher’s name is Ms. Clifford
She is from Kerry. She has a very strong Kerry accent! There are 33 in our class.
By Sean Tyrrell.