La Glas in St. Declan’s

Junior and Senior Infannts Ceolchoirm 2017

First and Second Class Ceolchoirm 2017

Today was La Glas in St. Declan’s. All the children dressed up in their green finery. Have a look at some of the magnificent outfits.

Ms Molloy Room 12 Junior Infants

Ms Joyce Room 13 Junior Infants

Ms Mooney Room 14 Junior Infants

Ms Mc Gowan Room 26 Senior Infants

Room 27 Ms Collins Senior Infants

Ms O’Sullivan Room 28 Senior Infants

Ms Farrell Room 29 Senior Infants

Mr Mc Loughlin Room 15 1st Class

Ms Mc Enroy Room 16 1st Class

Ms Conway Room 17 1st Class

Ms Doran Room 18 2nd Class

Ms Quinlan Room 19 2nd Class

Ms Tobin Room 11 2nd Class

Ms O’Malley Room 9 3rd Class

Ms Curran Room 7 3rd Class

Mr Ryan Room 24 3rd Class

Ms Carey Room 20 4th Class

Ms Kelly Room 21 4th Class

Mr Farrell Room 25 4th Class

Ms Collins Room 2 5th Class

Ms O’Connor Room 3 5th Class

Mr Mc Keown Room 6 5th Class

Ms Jenkinson Room 4 6th Class

Ms Griffin Room 5 6th Class

After big break we had a parade in the yard. All classes from 3rd to 6th made a guard of honour for the younger children to walk through. It was great fun.

There was lots of competitions during the week. The winners were presented with an Easter egg from the Students Council.

Happy St. Patrick’s weekend !!!