Junior Infants- Room 13

We have been to school twice and teacher says we are doing great 🙂
We have learned some new things like a lining up poem, our morning prayer, and how to say ‘here’ as Gaeilge (anseo) while teacher is calling the rolla.

We are very good at sharing during playtime, have a look and see!
We are also getting really good at tidying up the toys and we always remember to check the floor.

Teacher says if we want to talk to her we must put our hand up! This is a tricky one to remember as we just get so excited!!

We did our first piece of work today….What do you think?
We said our Humpty Dumpty rhyme and then teacher mixed the picture up and we had to sort them all out to put the in the correct order. Then we coloured in a picture of Humpty.

We have a lovely Birthday Train too, it tells us when everyones birthday is.

And finally……. this is us altogether on the first day of school 🙂