Junior Einstein Workshop

Junior Einsteins Science Club provides exciting, engaging, experimental practical, interactive STEM experiences, professionally delivered in a Structured, Safe, Supervised, Educational and Fun environment.

Third, fourth and fifth classes were part of an interactive science workshop today. Some of the experiments carried out included…..

-Chain polymerisation (oobleck slime)
– Non Newtonian fluids (explaining fluids that have both liquid & solid properties)
– Elephants toothpaste 
– Plasma Ball (using plasma ball to make a light sabre with a lightbulb)
– Van Der Graaf Generator (electrocuting Barbie with static electricity, demo of forks of lightning)
– AirZooka (making fog rings)
– Hand Boiler (using our body heat to make liquids boil)
– Magic glow sticks (demonstrating closed and open circuits of electricity)

The cildren really enjoyed this interactive workshop.