June 3rd and 4th Class Assembly

Mr Reidy
Welcome here today to our last assembly for the year. We remember all the good times we had this year with our teachers and friends in St. Declan’s. We look forward to our Summer holidays spent with our families and to coming back refreshed and relaxed for a new school year in September

Children from Room 9 came up to read the Prayers of the faithful.

We thank you God for all the friends we have in school. We have formed some new friendships this year and we hope they stay strong in years to come. Lord Hear Us
Response ; Lord graciously hear us.
We thank you God for all our teachers and staff of St. Declan’s who have been with us every step of our journey this year. We thank them for their guidance and support throughout the year. Lord Hear Us.
Response ; Lord graciously hear us.
We thank you God for our parents who have helped us all year with our homework, listened to our problems and been there for us in every way possible. We are very lucky to have such good parents. Lord Hear Us.
Response ; Lord graciously hear us

Awards/ Achievements
Mr Reidy thanked everyone who helped raise money for the 4km fun run. over eight thousand euro was raised in total. Excellent work.

Pupil of the month trophies
Room 9- Sadhbh

Room 7 – Alex

Room 24 – Ellen

Room 20 – Emily

Room 21 – Adam

Room 25 – Philip

Best Dressed Class Prize – Room 7
Best Behaviour on yard – Room 21
Best Line Award- Room 9
Lucy Mc Neary Room 9

Full attendance to date
Darren Carberry and Philip Carragher Room 25
Tom Beggy and Matthew King Room 21
Sean Reid, Kelvin Vance Supple, Matt Finnerty, Aoife Derwin, Romans Abarovics and Daragh Mc Cabe Room 20.

Mr Reidy
I want to thank you all and your teachers for all the hard work this year. We have some great memories from this year…….bio diversity day, active schools flag, book week, science week, goal jersey day, quiz team, Christmas concerts, Christmas jumper day, PA school disco, friendship week and multi cultural day but to mention a few. I hope you all have a very happy and relaxing July and August with your families here in Ireland or wherever you may be. I look forward to welcoming you all back in September into a new class and for some of you a new teacher.

Performance from Room 24 – Mr Ryan

End Prayer
We give thanks for all the teaching and learning that have taken place in our school,
For the talents and gifts that have been shared and the challenges that have been faced
For the burdens that have been lifted and the hurts that have been healed
We give thanks for the friendships that have just begun and for those that have grown
For the hope that has lifted our hearts on the dark days
Bless our families as we take our holidays, may our time together be fun. May we return renewed and refreshed to continue our journey together . We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen