Happy Halloween

We’ve been busy in fifth class (room 4) this term.
We started learning how to do 2D computer aided design using Paint and to code computer programs using Scratch. We started learning the ukulele and tin-whistle. We can play four chords and have learnt a few songs. For SESE, we learnt about the Maya, the Normans, flowers and natural features around the world. We are learning long division in maths. It’s quite tricky but we’re up for the challenge! We’ve been reading Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent and we’re enjoying it. We can’t wait to go to Navan after the mid term to meet another author, Dave Rudden. We also enjoy debating. We’ve had debates about homework and e-readers. We’re looking forward to our next debate!

We really enjoyed having Samuel in our class for a few weeks. He is gone back to Spain now and we wish him all the best.