Gymnastics in Room 2

As part of our PE curriculum we are teaching the strand Gymnastics this term in St Declan’s for all classes. The focus is on body action such as jumping, turning, swinging and balancing and with the control and management of body movements in increasingly challenging situations. Movement tasks are set to match children’s stages of development and provide all children with opportunities for achievement. The gymnastics curriculum also emphasises the importance of safety when handling equipment. The gymnastics curriculum covers moves like the forward roll, handstand, and cartwheels.
In fifth class the children should be able to
Select and link a range of gymnastics actions to travel on the floor and on apparatus
Practice and perform a range of skills
Produce and perform more complex sequences with a partner on the floor and using apparatus
Show controlled take off, flight and landing
Produce group sequences

Have a look at Mr Farrell’s class Room 2 in action during PE this week.