Goal Jersey Day

Today was Goal Jersey Day. The children and teachers looked lovely dressed up in all their jerseys. The Dublin jersey seemed to be a very popular choice for many children. Thank you to everyone who made the special effort to wear in their jersey and for donating to such a worthy cause.
Room 26 Ms Mc Gowan Junior Infants

Room 27 Ms Brogan Junior Infants

Room 28 Ms Molloy Junior Infants

Room 29 Ms Mooney Senior Infants

Room 12 Ms Molloy Senior Infants

Room 13 Ms Joyce Senior Infants

Room 14 Ms O’Halloran First Class

Room 15 Ms Tobin First Class

Room 16 Mr Mc Loughlin First Class

Room 17 M Mc Enroy Second Class

Room 18 Ms Downes Second Class

Room 11 Ms Crowley Second Class

Room 19 Ms Jenkinson Third Class

Room 9 Ms Doran Third Class

Room 21 Mr Melia Third Class

Room 20 Ms King Fourth Class

Room 24 Mr Ryan Fourth Class

Room 25 Ms Curran Fourth Class

Room 2 Mr Farrell Fifth Class

Room 3 Ms Mc Hugh Fifth Class

Room 4 Ms Kelly Fifth Class

Room 5 Mr Lydon Sixth Class

Room 6 Mr Mc Keown Sixth Class

Room 7 Ms O’Connor Sixth Class