Full Attendance 2018-2019 Awards

Children with full attendance for the previous school year are awarded with a medal each September to acknoweldge this wonderful achievement. This year we had 47 children receiving medals for not missing any days in 2018/19.They were at school for 180 days in total. The following children received certificates at assembly for their achievement.                 

Room 12 Finn Mc Hugh, James Delaney 


Room 26   TJ Murray, Lennon Moloney


 Room 13   Laura O’Donohue, Amelia Bolger-Darling 


Room 14   Ciara Garrigan

Room 15 Katie Bradley, Nathan Hickey, Romy Kinsey, Katie Johnson


 Room 16 Fathiah Ayuba


Room 18  Blossom Abagha, Alannah Doherty  



Room 19 George Davey, Emma Donnelly


Room 17 Jessica O’Donohue, Darragh Murphy

Room 20 David Boyle Mc Carthy, Sophie Taylor


Room 11 Fawaz Ayuba, Michael Makejevs, Aerwyn Moss, Sophie Johnson,              Mollie  Bolger-Darling, Ava Burke


Room 20 Aoibhe and Caoimhe Doherty


Room  5 Cian Mulligan-O’Grady, Chloe Dohery

Room 9 Evan Finglas, Sean Whelan, Emma O’Connor

Room 3 Sophie Aylward, Kian Bolger-Darling, Kaitlyn Newman, Clara Davey


Room 2   Amy Hickey                                                                                                         

Room 4 Adam Mc Mahon, Toke Alicia Jones, Jean O’Donohue, Nathan Day Daly, Rachel Brogan, Conor Mc Cabe, Kady Mc Hugh                                                                                                                       

Room  25 Gabriele Pranckeviciute                                                                                      

Room 24 Keela White