Full Attendance 2015-2016

Children will full attendance are awarded with a certificate and a medal each October to acknoweldge this wonderful achievement. This year we had thirty eight children receiving medals and certificates for not missing any days in 2015/16. Garda Ashling O’Connor presented the medals and certificates to the children. Well done !!
Room 26- Conor, Lee and John
Room 15- Alex
Room 17- Arian
Room 18- Caoimhe, Fionn, Lily, Ava and Emma
Room 19- Erik
Room 11- Nathan, Jack, Connor, and Kady
Room 9- Katie and Eleanor
Room 7- Rhona
Room 24- Sean
Room 25- Katelyn
Room 21- Matthew
Room 20- Emily, Kelvin, Mathias, Daragh, Aoife and Sean
Room 6- Emma and Lola
Room 2- Aimee and Fadekemi
Room 3 – Faderera and Callum
Room 4- Ade, Ross , Jason, Ana and Ava

Full Attendance 2015-2016