First Class- Working Hard!

Over the last while we have been doing some really great work! We learned all about ‘The Little Red Hen’. Here are some pictures of our work that is displayed in the hall. We made our own story books! We also made our own little red hen by painting a paper plate red, then we cut out the beak from yellow paper. We used white paper circle for the eyes and cut the head and feet out from orange paper! We went cutting crazy! We gave our hen some long spindly legs using straws. Wow! We also made a character mask. Look and see…..

St. Brigid’s Day

On the 1st of February, we learned about St. Brigid. We found out some really facinating things about how she was the first nun, she built the first Convent, her cloak was magic and how she really admired the work of St. Patrick, just like we do!! We were set the difficult task of making a St. Brigids day cross. They are meant to protect your home from evil and fire when they are stored up high near the roof. We struggled a little with making the crosses but we worked together in pairs and with some help, most of us got it!! Ms. Doran likes to challenge us!! Here they are, we are so proud of them……

Potters -R- us!

We are very creative in room 6, and we love working with our hands. Two weeks ago we used clay to create these coil pots. We use red terracota clay. First we made the base by flattening a small piece of clay. Next we made a number of snakes, starting in the middle and rolling out. We experimented with some joining techniques, and discovered they the clay gripped best to a textured surface. We used our snakes to build up the sides of the pots and smoothed down the inside. Some of us found out the hard way how important it was to smooth the inside! Once they were dry we painted them with lots of different colours. Have a look at them, what do you think?

Drama, Drama, Drama

We are doing some get improvisation and drama over the next couple of weeks. We will be exploring our favourite class garden only to be told we are not allowed to visit anymore. There is a cranky old man and he is very cross with us for invading his garden- ugh oh! Whatever will we do? Here we are doing some drama, and here is the begining part of our character sketch of the old man! He look cross!