First Class Room 18 Mrs Walker

We are now well into the final term of first class. What a quick year this has been. Soon they will be well ready for second class.

Last week saw the class take a trip down to the park. We did this during our PE session and had fun playing around in the playground. It was also an opportunity for the children to walk together outside the school. Good preparation for when we start swimming and have to walk to the village.

Swimming will be commencing on Friday May 15. There is great excitement in the class and we are all looking forward to it. This is a great opportunity for the children to become accustomed to the swimming pool and learn about water safety.

Our last theme in Art was ‘The Circus’. A lovely theme and so much to choose from. We had fun making clown faces, lion faces and the big top. A very cheerful and colourful theme. All the work went home with the children on Friday May 1.