First and Second Class Assembly

Welcome to our assembly today to celebrate Mary’s month, the month of May. Tomorrow is the first day of May. By honouring Mary we are also honouring God who bestowed on her the great privilege of being mother of Jesus. We have a May altar here at assembly today and some of you might have a May altar in your classroom or at home. Some schools and parishes also organise a May procession. We are going to start our assembly today by saying the Hail Mary together.

Ms Downes, 2nd class read the prayers of the faithful for us.

1. Lord, teach us to be like Mary who helped others as you helped others. Help us to love as Mary loved. Lord Hear Us. Response- Lord graciously hear us.
2. Lord, help us to listen to God’s word as Mary did and to cherish the word in our hearts. Lord Hear Us. Response- Lord graciously hear us.
3. We pray for all mothers and fathers who work hard to provide for their families. Lord bless our parents for caring for us. Lord Hear Us. Response- Lord graciously hear us.
4. We pray for our grandmothers and all those who help us teach us along our journey in life. Lord Hear Us. Response- Lord graciously hear us.

Mr Reidy
God our father, we thank you for Mary the mother of Jesus. She always did what you wanted her to do. Help us to listen to you and to do what you want with joy and love. We thank you for the gift of each other. During the month of May we sometimes say a special prayer called the Rosary. The rosary is a very old prayer in the Catholic church. In it, we remember key moments in the life of Jesus. It is also a prayer that honours Mary. Praying the rosary is like looking at an album of pictures . There are twenty different events that we reflect on and these are called mysteries. These mysteries are broken into four groups, the joyful mysteries, the sorrowful mysteries, the glorious mysteries and the mysteries of light. Maybe during the month of May you could say a decade of the rosary with your teacher in class. If you have rosary beads at home you could bring them in to class with you.

Lewis from Room 14 had a very special announcement at assembly today. He told all the boys and girls the great news about the new arrival in St. Declan’s. We have a new baby bird in the nest outside reception. Lewis showed everyone some of the shell from the egg. We were all so excited to hear the good news. Thank you Lewis.

Football Final- We wish all the boys from 4th , 5th and 6th classes good luck in the Fingal Final in May. Thank you to Mr Farrell, Mr Ryan and Mr Lydon for coaching them.
Free Writing- Keep up the good work at the free writing.
Book We-n This week is Book Week in St. Declan’s so we have a book fare going on all week for all the classes. We also have lots of different activities organised for the week.
Pupil of the month trophy
Room 14- Lewis

Room 15- Sophie

Room 16- Abbie H

Room 17-Jasmine

Room 18-Ryan


Gaelgeoir Na Miosa
Room 14-Alannah

Room 15-John


Room 17-Chloe

Room 18-Abigail

Room 11-Gerard

Best Line Award- Room 15
Best Dressed Class-Room 11
Best behaviour on yard- Room 14
Best Attendance 1st Class Room 16 , 2nd Class Room 18

Ms O’Halloran Room 14

End Prayer
Loving God, We thank you for the example of Mary, whom you chose from among all women to be the mother of your son. May she watch over us in our lives as she watched over and cared for Jesus. Help us to always have the courage to say yes to what you ask of us just as she did. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen