First and Second Class Assembly

We had our September assembly today for first and second classes. For our three first classes this is their first ever assembly.

Opening Prayer
Dear Father, Give me the strength of mind and a caring heart.
And the will power it takes to make a brand new start.

Mr Reidy welcomed Ms O’Halloran, Ms Tobin, Mr Mc Loughlin, Ms Mc Enroy, Ms Downes and Ms Crowley to assembly.Assemblies are a way of showing you are part of our school. It’s a time to come together with our teachers and principal. At assembly we share good news, we praise children who have achieved different things. We talk about different events happening in the school. We chat about our school rules and try to improve on some school rules. Each class gest a turn to do a performance at assembly during the year

Pupil of the Month Medal
Every month at assembly we will be awarding one child from each class with a medal. This medal could be awarded for good behaviour, being kind to others in your class, doing really good homework………….etc.
Every month four children from each class will be picked as nominees by their teacher and one person will be awarded with the medal. The medal is kept at school and will be collected again the day before the next assembly. I’m really looking forward to see who will be the winners next month. I know you are all working hard already.

Best Uniform Prize
This is a prize for the class who are always wearing their PE tracksuits on PE days and their uniforms on uniform days. I will be checking to see that ties are worn on uniform days, and that you all look nice and neat as you are representing St. Declan’s when you are in the uniform. The class that wins the prize will get a night off homework to be decided on by your class teacher.

Best Line Prize
This is a prize for the class who makes a huge effort to get into their line quickly and quietly when the bell rings after break times. You must stay in the line without messing until your class teacher comes to collect you. I will be walking around the yards every day and taking notes of the classes that are trying really hard. The prize for winning this award is an extra ten minutes after big day on a day chosen by your class teacher.

Best behaviour on yard prize
This prize goes to the class that behave the best on yard. Your class can win this prize by being kind to others, helping each other, playing nicely together, and being good friends. The teachers on yard will report back to me any good behaviour and it will be rewarded. Your teacher will decide what the prize will be.

Reflection by Mr Reidy
Today we are going to talk about apples. Now they all look different on the outside …..some are shiny and glossy some are green, some are red and some are yellow. But when you cut an apple in half they all have a star shape in the middle. Even apples that get bruised on the outside have a star shape inside them. This is a bit like people. We all look different from the outside………some people have blue eyes, green eyes or brown eyes, some people have blond hair or red hair, some people have different colour skin. However in many ways we are all the same on the inside, as we are all stars inside. We all have unique and special talents who make us who we are. I’m sure you can all think of at least one thing that you are very good at. To grow an apple you need seeds, soil, water and sunlight. In the same way children need certain things to grow healthily. You need food and water to help you grow physically. You need care and love from your family and friends to help you to grow emotionally. I see you all decorated your own star for assembly today. Let’s think about the star that is inside each one of us – the special part of us that makes us individuals. I know you decorated your own apple with teacher during the week. Can you all please hold up your apples for me to see.
I want to say a few words about trying your best to work hard this year. All of you are in new classes this year and you are all a year older. Some of you may have got new teachers so there is a lot of changes happening in your lives. The first class children are now in until 3pm and are probably getting more homework than you did last year. The second class children will be making their Communion next May so we are all growing and changing. We hope you will all have a very happy year in St. Declan’ s.

Anniversary I want to congratulate everyone who was involved in our celebrations last week for our 40th anniversary. From all the work you prepared in school doing your art and written work for the time capsule to the excellent behaviour in the church. You were all a credit to St. Declan’s. Thank you to Jude Room 15, Konstance Room 16, Cole Room 16, Chloe and Robert Room 17, Cian and Chloe Room 18 and Arabella Room 11 who read the prayers of the faithful at mass and did a fantastic job. Well done to Nicola Room 14, Gabriel Room 16, Maja Room 17, and Bob Room 11 who won the art poster competition. It really was a very special week for everyone in St. Declan’s.

Full attendance awards 2016-2017
I want to congratulate the following children who had full attendance last year. This is a fantastic achievement and you should all be very proud of yourselves. These children were all in school for 183 days.

Room 12- Emma , Ruby, Cian and Ethan
Room 13- Jessica and Patrick
Room 15-Conor and John
Room 16- Kyle and Charlie
Room 17- Shane
Room 11-Chloe and Aaron

Ms O’Halloran’s class sang some lovely Autumn songs for us to end assembly.