First and Second Class Assembly

This assembly we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. The children have all been learning about St Francis, St Brigid and Pope Francis. We will celebrate God’s gift of the earth and we will talk about ways we can love and protect the earth we live in as it is our common home. God asks us to look after the beautiful world that we call our home. It is a home for the whole world to share. When we care for the world we are sharing God’s love.

Prayers Read by Room 18
St Francis loved everything about God’s wonderful creation. Many stories have been written about Francis and the ways in which he helped people to understand that the world is a beautiful gift from God. St Francis taught people to show respect for God’s creation and to praise God for all he has done. One way we can show respect is by caring for the environment.

Pope Francis has a special job. He has been chosen by God to teach us how to live the way God wants us to. Pope Francis chose his name because he learned about caring for the environment from another man called Francis.

God asks us to care for each other and for our beautiful world. When we care for each other and the environment we know we please God our Father. God is happy because we have done what Jesus asks us to do. It is important we remember to thank God for the beauty of his creation.

Our grandparents are a special gift in our lives. They watch over us as we grow and are often some of the most important teachers in our lives. They teach us about our common home, which they have been watching over and caring for long before we were here to help! They have seen and experienced many changes in our world, both good and bad.

God created the world and everything in it. Now that Winter is over and Spring is on the way we will see the world that God made coming to life again. We thank God for all the beautiful flowers and animals in our world. We look forward to the signs of new life that Spring brings.

St Brigid was very holy and she wanted to build a church where people could come and pray to God. She had no land to build her church on so she asked the chieftain. He said you can have as much land as your cloak can cover. When she laid her cloak on the ground it grew and grew. The chieftain was shocked but Brigid knew that it was God who had helped her.

We looked at a powerpoint about the story of St. Brigid’s cloak.

Mr Reidy
As Catholic Schools Week come to a close we are asked to think about how we can share our common home. Our world is a gift to all who live here, the people , the animals and the plants. Our world is not always shared equally. There are people who have no home, no food, no water , people forced o leave the place they live because of war, natural disasters, famine or drought. In a letter he wrote Pope Francis told us We must share with others. This reminds us of the words of Jesus , who told us to love one another, to be kind and caring. To show God how much we love him and how thankful we are for the home he has given us, we have to work to share our home equally with all who live here.

Student of the month Trophy
Room 15- Christopher

Room 16 – Chloe

Room 17- Evan

Room 18- Lily

Room 19- Emma

Room 11- Wiktoria

Best line award Room 19 Ms Quinlan

Best dressed class- Room 16
Behaviour on yard- Room 11
Attendance Award – 1st Class Room 16, 2nd Class Room 11
Well done to Ronan Adams Room 16 who won a trophy in Taekwondo and Chloe and Mya Room 16 who won Irish Dancing medals.

Room 15 Mr Mc Loughin 1st Class

End Prayer A Prayer For Grandparents
My Grandparents are so special to me, They teach me about all I do and see. They don’t mind answering my questions ‘Why?’ They pick me up and carry me high.
Grandparents take the time to teach, And let me see things above my reach.
They teach me things I need to know, So I can learn and I can grow.
They teach me all about the past, About our home and how time moves fast.
They teach me how to care and love, How we thank the Lord above.