Fifth and Sixth Class October Assembly

Opening Prayer

Remember those who kept the faith who always turned to pray

Who showed the love of Jesus in their lives from day to day.

Remember those this special time who live with God above,

All Saints, All Souls, and all our own who live with God in love.

Mr Kearnins                                                                                               

As we light our candle today we remember family and friends who have died. All Souls Day is celebrated on the 2nd of November in the church. Itis a tradition of honouring and respecting the memory of the faithful departed.I’m sure you all know people in your family who gone to heaven or who may be very sick, and also people that are special and important to you . We are going to pray in silence for a minute for all the people mentioned

Ms O’Halloran’s class read the prayers of the faithful


Prayer One                                                                                                                       

We pray for all those who have died, especially those whom we have known and loved. We pray they enjoy perfect happiness and total fulfilment in eternal life.                                                                                                                                                   


Prayer Two                                                                                   


We pray for our families. May our love for each other support us during good times and bad times. Our family should always be a very important part of our lives.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Prayer Three                                                                                                                      We pray for the sick and for those who care for them at home and in hospital.  May they know the strength of God is always with them.


Maths week took place last week in St. Declan’s. It was great to see all the classes involved in so many fun activities. Some classes did maths trails, maths notice boards and maths workshops.The three fifth classes went to a Murderous Maths exhibition in DCU.The STEM workshop provided by Takeda Dunboyne Biologists last Friday was super and I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you to your teachers for maths week such a fun Thank you to your teachers for making it such a fun week and to Ms O’Halloran for co-ordinating the week.                                                                                                            

SPECIAL AWARDS-Pupil of the Month 


Room 6 Lauren


Room 3 Emma


Room 24 Daniel


Room 25 Jaron


Room 2 Rachel


Room 4 Kady

Room 8 Ben

Best dressed Class- Room 3                                                                                                                                                                                      

Best behaviour on yard award- Room 2                                                                                                                   

Best Attendance Award for the month of September

Prize for 5th class is Room 2 Ms O’Halloran.The prize for 6th  class is Room 8 Ms Conway..                                                                                              



Room 8 Nathan


Room 4 Arnas


Room 2 Brandon


Room 25 Ellen


Room 24 Harrison

Student Council

Our Student Council has been elected for the coming year 2019-2020. They represent all the children in the school and are included in many decisions that are made within the school. Ms O’Halloran hosts the meetings and I often pop in to talk to the children about any upcoming events. We are very lucky to have lots of children involved in a number of committees in the school.

Room 9 – Bob Cullen, Emma O’Connor

Room 5- Jason Ston, Eva O’Donovan

Room 7-Eimear O’Connell, Daniel Mc Mahon

Room 2-Devon Byrne, Ella Boshell

Room 3-Hannah Lumley, Conor Jones

Room 4-Eva O’Donovan, Kristian Frasca

Room 8-Conor Poole, Vicki Muntean

Room 6-Ella Murphy, Tristan Tully

Room 24-Alannah Byrne, Ben Laurie

Room 25-Angelo Virlan, Mary Kate Harkin


Devon and Ava spoke at assembly on behalf of the Studentv Council.


This year we are going to help raise money for Temple Street Hospital. On the day of the holidays we are asking all the boys and girls in St. Declan’s to dress up in their Halloween clothes and bring in €1 each to your class teacher. We will collect all the money and give it to Temple Street to help all the sick children in hospital.

Sport aginst racsism Irelans

Well done to all of you from 5th and 6th classes who took part in the sport against racism Ireland workshop. I know you spoke about teamwork, inclusion, resolving conflict, respecting others, equal opportunities and accepting people for who they are. All of these issues are very important and will affect you all at some stage in your lives.



Performance by Mr Ryan’s Room 3


Mr Kearins

I want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Halloween break. We are closed all of next week for our mid-term break.  We return to school on Monday the 4th of November.