Fifth and Sixth Class January Assembly

The theme for our January assembly was Catholc Schools Week, living in harmony with God’s creation. We spoke about living in harmony with God, your neighbours, the earth and in our school. We are all children of God, called to live like Jesus asked us. This year, we will continue to make our school a loving place where everyone feels, safe, welcome and cared for. We will all try to treat each other as we would like to be treated.

Opening Prayer


God we know that you are always with us. May we always carry the light of Christ in our hearts, in our minds and in our action ,and may our school continue to be a place where we work as a community to help to love one another as you have loved us. Amen

Hannah and Conor from Room 3 read out a poem about Grandparents.

Cyber Bullying Talk

Our three fifth classes had Garda Barbara Kelly and Garda Derek Halligan in last Friday to speak to them about staying safe online and cyber bullying. They suggested changing profiles to private so that personal information wouldn’t be visible. They spoke of the importance of thinking carefully before photographs are uploaded as some photos might include their school crest, club crest etc. If anyone has any issues regarding cyber bullying it would be important to talk  to your parents                                                                                       

Pantomime Dick Whittington

Well done to everyone on their behaviour during the pantomime Dick Whittington. Everyone was very well behaved


Good luck to our quiz teams who will be representing St Declan’s in the Credit Union quiz.We have Chloe Doherty, Rob Kelly, Alex Kelly and Darragh Donnelly on the Junior Quiz team. On the Senior Quiz team we have Joe Robertson, Ella Murphy, Conor Jones and Liam O’Connor. We know they will do St. Declan’s proud. Thank you to Ms Mc Nulty who has been helping to prepare the children and is co-ordinating the event.


School Rules

We spoke again about the importance of remembering our school rules in order to keepeveryone safe.

  1. We play safely (kind hands, feet and words)
  2. We are respectful to staff and pupils.
  3. We line up quietly and safely.
  4. We only leave yard with permission.
  5. We help keep St. Declan’s NS a Bully Free Zone.

 Ash 2020

Ash 2020 is a celebration that Ashbourne is hosting to mark it’s 200th year anniversary. It is a very special celebration and our school will be marking it in some way. We will be looking for ideas from the pupils.

Grandparents Day

 We had a lovely day in St. Declan’s on Wednesday when we celebrated Grandparents Day as part of Catholic Schools Week. We really enjoyed having lots of grandparents visit our school. We also took the time to remember all those Grandparents who couldn’t be with us for various reasons. Thanks to Ms. O’Malley who coordinated the day. Well done to everyone for your excellent behaviour. We heard lots of positive feedback from grandparents when they came back into the hall.

Student Of The Month Trophy

Room 8 Miya

Room 6 Sadhbh

Room 24 Liam

Room 25 Luke

Room 4 Conor

Room 3 Ava

Room 2 Daniel

Gaeilgeoir Na Miosa

Room 6 Conor

Room 8 Tristan

Room 24 Julia

Room 25 Bernard

Room 2 Ava

Room 3 Dylan

Room 4 Eva

Best dressed class– Room 25

Behaviour on yard– Room 4

Attendance Award 5th Class Room 4

Attendance Award 6th Class Room 24

Performance -Ms Jenkinson’s Class Room 4

End Blesing

Bless all gathered here today. Bless those who cannot be with us today.   Bless all our grandparents with love and good health. Amen.