Fifth and Sixth Class December Assembly

We started off assembly by singing Away in a Manger together.

Mr Reidy
There are many wonderful things about Christmas. There are the Christmas trees; there are Christmas lights, wonderful carols, gifts, etc. However, what is most important about Christmas is Jesus; the greatest gift of all. If you received a gift it would be sad if you only enjoyed the paper, the bow and the ribbon and forgot the present inside. At Christmas it would be even worse if you enjoyed the hymns, the lights and the songs and forgot about Jesus! This Christmas let’s remember that Jesus is the greatest gift of all. He was born in a manger many years ago and he is alive today. Although we can’t see him right now we know he is the greatest King of all and that he loves us and leads us into the wonderful life of God. We don’t want to forget that. Help us to enjoy the season of Christmas but also to remember Jesus at this very special time.
Ella from Room 6 read us the story of Christmas.

We had Prayers of the Faithful- Jennifer, Yash, Aimee and Ross from Room 4.

Awards and Prizes
Mr Reidy congratulated all the children and their teachers on their wonderful Christmas shows. He was very impressed with them all.
Student of the month trophy
Room 2-Callum
Room 3- Faye
Room 6 – Ella Mc A
Room 4- Mark
Room 5- Matthew S

Best Line Award- Room 4
Best Dressed Class-Room 2
Best Behaviour on yard- Room 3
Attendance award for 5th class-Room 6
Attendance award for 6th class-Room 5

Room 5 did a Christmas acrostic poem for us.
C – is for the Christ child born upon this day
H – is for the holly to make our mantle gay.
R – is for red ribbon to wrap the parcels tight
I – is for the icicles on the cold winter night.
S – is for dear Santa Please leave him a treat
T – is for the turkey that is so good to eat.
M – is for the manger where Baby Jesus lay,
A – is for the angels on that first Christmas Day.
S – is for the stockings hanging in a row with candy canes out of the top
Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Room 4 and Room 5 performed the song The Lost Boy for us.

We ended assembly by singing the hymn Silent Night together.