Fifth and Sixth Class Assembly

The theme of our assembly is St Brigid and the beginning of Spring. It is also the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. During this week, the pupils, staff, parents, grandparents, and the people of our parish have showed in lots of different ways that they are proud of their Catholic school. It is good to celebrate who we are and what we do.

Opening Prayer
O God, how great and beautiful is all of your creation – from the smallest insect to the largest mammal. You, God, have created for us a most magnificent world. We praise and thank you for our universe. We promise to take care of your world by making responsible choices that will allow its balance and beauty to continue. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Room 6 read the following prayers of the faithful.

Prayer 1
We thank you God for the beautiful world you have created for us. Help us to take the time to see the beauty you have made as a gift for us. . The care we give the earth shows you Lord how much we love you and the beautiful home you have given us. We pray to the Lord
Response ; Lord hear our prayer.

Prayer 2: We pray for our parents and grandparents. They watch over our home and are our first teachers in the ways of faith, and in how to cherish the world around us. May we follow their example as we grow and learn. We pray to the Lord.
Response ; Lord hear our prayer.

Prayer 3: We pray for our teachers and all those who work in our school. Help them to continue to care for us and teach us about the wonder of your creation. Guide them to always see the special gifts and talents of all children they encounter. We pray to the Lord.
Response ; Lord hear our prayer.

Prayer 4: We pray for those who have no home, no food or water. For people who have been forced to leave the place they live because of war, natural disasters, famine or drought. Help us to always share our home with others and help them in their time of need. We pray to the Lord.
Response ; Lord hear our prayer.

Prayer 5: We pray for Pope Francis, for Bishop Smith , for Father Ciaran and Father Derek and for all who work to share the Good News in our world. May they always have the courage to teach about the importance of caring for our common home. We think especially this week about St Brigid who helped the sick and the poor and helped to teach people about God.
We pray to the Lord.
Response ; Lord hear our prayer.

Mr Reidy
The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year is Learning with Pope Francis to care for our common home. The word ‘pope’ comes from Latin word pater and means ‘father’. This is why we call the pope Holy Father. The pope’s task is to be the Vicar of Christ on earth, Supreme Pontiff, Bishop of Rome and Holy Father. This means to lead and build the Catholic Church, to defend our faith and to teach us and guide us in our faith. The pope lives and works in the Vatican in Rome, Italy. On most Sundays he gives a special message and blessing to pilgrims who gather on St Peter’s Square, and to people throughout the world. Ever since the time of Jesus, there has been a pope. In fact, Pope Francis is the 226th pope. At Mass, we as Christians ‘profess our faith’ or say that we believe that Jesus is the Son of God. The first person to say this was one of Jesus’ apostles, Simon Peter. When Simon Peter said this to Jesus, Jesus gave him the new name of Peter and said to him, ‘You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church.’ So Jesus put Peter in charge of the Church on earth. Peter was the first pope and all popes since continue his work of building the Church.

Congratulations to Faye from Room 3 who was on the winning Junior Quiz team recently. Well done to Rhys and Leo Room 5, Evan Room 3 and Freya Room 4 who came 3rd on the Senior Quiz Team.
Well done to Milosz Room 3 who was the overall winner from 5th class and Rhys from Room 5 who was the overall 6th class winner. They were presented with certificates and vouchers from Easons.

Congratulations to the children from Room 2 and 3 who are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. They met the Dragon’s Den last week and the overall winners were
1. Mixed Cookie Jar from Room 2
2. Charmie Keyrings from Room 3
Both groups presented their projects to everyone in assembly.

Student of the month Trophy
Room 4 – Kacper

Room 5 Zach

Room 6 Glen

Craig Room 2

Room 3 Dana

Best Line Certificate- Room 5
Best Dressed Class – Room 6
Best Behaviour on yard- Room 2
Attendance Award for 5th class – Room 6
Attendance Award for 6th Class – Room 4

Choir – St Brigid’s Song

End Poem The Cross
Brigid wove a cross of rushes by a dying chieftain’s bed”
“Brigid what is that you’re making
From the rushes there?”, he said.
Brigid said,”A cross I’m weaving, like the cross where Jesus died.”
“Who was Jesus?” asked the chieftain,
“Why was this man crucified?”
Brigid told the gospel story to a dying pagan King.
Lying silently he listened,
Never saying anything.
Then he kissed the cross of rushes
Saying ,”Brigid, thanks to you,
I have come to love this Jesus,
I will follow his way too!”