Fifth and Sixth Class Assembly

29-01-2019 January Assembly 5th and 6th Classes

We had assembly today for 5th and 6th classes.

Opening Prayer

Loving God, we thank you for the wonderful gift of our school and for all the staff in St. Declan’s. Help us to always try our best no matter how hard things get. We ask this through Jesus Christ  our lord. Amen.


Address by Mr Kearins

Good morning boys and girls. You are all very welcome to assembly today. This week we have are celebrating Catholic Schools Week. Schools all over Ireland are celebrating this special week. During this week the pupils, staff, parents, grandparents  and the people of the parish will show, in lots of different ways, that they are proud of their Catholic school. It is good to celebrate who we are and what we do. The theme of Catholic Schools Week this year is Celebrating the work of our local Catholic schools.  Each Catholic school shares an ethos that is inclusive, welcoming and vibrant. In our school every person no matter what background or place they come from makes our school a better place. God loves everyone equally and he taught us to treat each other as we would treat ourselves. We are proud of our Catholic school and it is good to celebrate the work that we do. 


Prayers  Read by Room 8 Leonard, Zoe, Rhysand Andreea




Reader 1: We thank you God for our families at home. Thank you for our mammies and daddies, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and anyone elae who cares for us at home.  help us to learn how to live in love for one another. Help us to appreciate all they do for us. They are our first teachers in love and in faith. We thank you God for our family at home. Lord hear us.

Response ; Lord graciously hear us.

Reader 2  We thank you God for our school family. Thank you for our principal, teachers, SNA’s and all who help us to learn how to live in love for one another. We pray that that our school family will always be a place of learning, joy and happiness where everyone is welcome and cherished. We thank you God for our school family. Lord hear us.

Response ; Lord graciously hear us.

Reader 3: We pray for people who are looking for a home, for those going through difficult times and for those who are ill. May they know God loves them through the action of all those around them. Lord hear us.

Response ; Lord graciously hear us.


Reader 4: We pray for Pope Francis , for our bishop Tom , for Father Ciaran and Father Derek and for all those who help spread the news of God’s message in our world. Lord hear us.

Response ; Lord graciously hear us.

St Brigid’s Cloak Powerpoint




New Yard Rules

  1. We play safely (kind hands, feet and words)
  2. We are respectful to staff and pupils.
  3. We line up quietly and safely.
  4. We only leave yard with permission.
  5. We help keep St. Declan’s NS a Bully Free Zone.


When the bell rings we freeze and put our fingers to our lips to stop talking. When the bell stops ringing we walk quietly and quickly to the line. We get into a proper line. A line should be silent, still, straight and smiling. Every day at little and big break there will be a competition called Line An Lae. The best class from the different yards will be awarded a point for having the best line. This will decided by the teacher on yard. When a class gets 10 points they get to have an extended yard time.

Time Out Zones                                                                                        

Each yard will have a time out zone. Children who choose to break the rules will be asked to stand in the Time Out Zone. Teacher on yard will tell the children how long they have to stay in the time out zone.

 Free Writing

I hope you are all making an effort to get some free writing done in class. Myself and Mrs Collier will be around in the next week to have a look at your work.


Aladdin Pantomine

I hope you all enjoyed the Aladdin Pantomine. I heard you were all very well behaved. Well done !!


Green Schools

Angelo from Room 25 and Christabel from Room 24 spoke to all assembly on behalf of the Green Schools Committee. We are going to start a new initiative where we use reusable drink bottles in school everyday. We would like everyone to try their best to use a reusable drink bottle in school. An example of one is the food dudes bottle. The Green Schools Committee will do a spot check every week t cont how many children in the class are using them. If your class is doing very well they will get a green star. Good luck.




Student of the month Trophy

Room 6- Leah


Room 8- Miya

Room 24- Alexandra

Room 25- Luke

Room 2- Jade

Room 3- Vanessa

Room 4- Emma




Best dressed class – Room 2

Behaviour on yard- Room 24

Gaeilgeoir Na Miosa

Room 8- Nathan


Room 6- Andreea

Room 24


Room 25- Jakub


Room 2- Eoin

Room 3- Tom

Room 4- Hollie


Attendance Award – 5th Room 6 Ms O’Donnell and 6th Room 2 Mr Farrell.

Aldi Competition

Wiktoria and Sophia from Room 2 spoke to the assembly about a competition Aldi is running for primary schools.

Limerick rugby legend Paul O’Connell, along with Aldi and the IRFU have launched a competition for primary schools to win one of two €50,000 school sports facility makeovers in 2019.

Open to all primary schools the initiative is the latest from the free Aldi Play Rugby programme which helped increase the number of children taking part in the programme to over 100,000 in 2018.

The competition is easy to enter and works by primary schools collecting 300 of Aldi’s exclusive Irish rugby men’s and women’s stickers for their school. Available in Aldi’s 137 Irish stores, shoppers collect one sticker for every €30 they spend in store between January 28th and April 7th. We are encouraging all children and staff to partake in this competition.

Senior Quiz Team                                                                                                            Good luck to our Senior quiz team Mathew King Room 3, Nafina Mcguire , Aoife Derwin, and Eoin Byrne Room 2 who will represent St. Declan’s in the first round of the Credit Union quiz which takes place in the Pillo Hotel in Ashbourne this Friday night the 1st of February. We hope they do well.




Room 24 Ms Downes 5th Class




End Prayer

Brigid wove a cross of rushes by a dying chieftain’s bed”
“Brigid what is that you’re making
From the rushes there?”, he said.
Brigid said,”A cross I’m weaving, like the cross where Jesus died.”
“Who was Jesus?” asked the chieftain,
“Why was this man crucified?”
Brigid told the gospel story to a dying pagan King.
Lying silently he listened,
Never saying anything.
Then he kissed the cross of rushes
Saying ,”Brigid, thanks to you,
I have come to love this Jesus,
I will follow his way too!”