Fifth and Sixth Class Assembly

We had our assembly for January tis week. This week we have are celebrating Catholic Schools Week. Schools all over Ireland are celebrating this special week. During this week the pupils, staff, parents, grandparents and the people of the parish will show, in lots of different ways, that they are proud of their Catholic school. It is good to celebrate who we are and what we do. The theme of Catholic Schools Week this year is Catholic Schools: Families of Faith. Every day this week, we take time to think about how we are all part of many different families- our own families, our school family, our parish family and our world family.

Opening Prayer
Loving God, we thank you for the wonderful gift of family, our family at home, in school, in the parish and the wider world. Help us to love and care for each member of all our families and to live in joy and faith in the beautiful world you have created for us. We ask this through Jesus Christ, your son, and our lord.

The children from Room 2 read the prayers for assembly.

We pray for all our mammies and daddies, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and anyone elae who cares for us at home. help us to learn how to live in love for one another. Help us to appreciate all they do for us. They are our first teachers in love and in faith. We thank you God for our family at home.

We thank you God for our school family. Thank you for our principal, teachers and all the who help us to learn how to live in love for one another. We pray that that our school family will always be a place of learning, joy and happiness where everyone is welcome and cherished. We thank you God for our school family.

We pray for our parish family. Our parish is a family of faith and of love. We pray for priests, bishops and all religious who lead our parish families and who work to spread the Good News of the Gospel. We pray our parish families will always be places of welcome to all, where love and joy are shared. We thank you God for our parish family.

We pray for our world family. We pray especially for the members of our world family who have no home, no food or water and for people who have been forced to leave the place they live because of war, natural disasters, famine or drought. Help us to remember our role in caring for our world so it is a home

We looked at a power point all about St. Brigid.

Mr Reidy
Science Week – Well done to everyone who was involved in Science Week. The science fare was excellent with some very interesting experiments. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you to all the teachers who worked hard preparing the experiments.

Free Writing – I hope your free writing is going well and you are all making an effort to get some free writing done in class. Myself and Mrs Collier will be around in the next week to have a look at your work.

Lent – The season of Lent is a time during which we prepare ourselves for the preparation o Easter. Jesus spent 40 days in prayer and fasting in the desert as he prepared to do God’s work on Earth. During Lent we might give something up or maybe do something for the duration of Lent like helping out more at home…etc. These are called Lenten promises. Some people pray a little more during Lent and might go to mass every day. Some of our classes will be going to mass in the church in Ashbourne during Lent.

Catholic Schools Week – Pope Francis will travel to Ireland for the world meeting of families in Dublin in August 2018. Pope Francis is the bishop of Rome in Italy and is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. This meeting which takes place every three years , celebrates family life and the church’s commitment to supporting families. All this week we celebrate love in the family at home, the school family, the parish family and the universal family.

Quiz Teams- Junior Team – Tara Nagle, Nafina Maguire, Sean Jones and Isobel O’Kane. Senior Team – Matthew King, Eoin Byrne, Emma Gallagher and Evan O’Kane. Well done to both teams for reaching the final.

Student of the month
Room 2- Sofia
Room 3-Keeva
Room 4- Darren
Room 5 – Marius
Room 6 -Ella W
Room 7 – Michael

Best line award- Room 5
Best dressed class- Room 7
Behaviour on yard- Room 3
Gaeilgeoir Na Miosa- Room 2 Lily, Room 3 Matthew, Room 4 Alec, Room 5 Louise ,Room 6 Habir , Room 7 Dana

Attendance Award – 3rd – Room 9 and 4th Room 24.

Mr Mc Keown’s class sang the Zoombie by Dolores O’Riardan

End Poem
Brigid wove a cross of rushes by a dying chieftain’s bed”
“Brigid what is that you’re making
From the rushes there?”, he said.
Brigid said,”A cross I’m weaving, like the cross where Jesus died.”
“Who was Jesus?” asked the chieftain, “Why was this man crucified?”
Brigid told the gospel story to a dying pagan King.
Lying silently he listened, Never saying anything. Then he kissed the cross of rushes Saying ,”Brigid, thanks to you I have come to love this Jesus,
I will follow his way too.