Egg Drop

Ms Elliot and 2nd class had fun trying out our Humpty Dumpty Experient. How could we protect him from his fall?

We needed to create something that can absorb the energy as the egg gathers as it accelerates towards the ground. A hard surface will crack the egg so you have to think carefully about how you can protect it. Something that will cushion the egg at the end of its fall is a good place to start, you want the egg to decelerate slowly so it doesn’t crack or smash all over the ground.

We needed to run a fair test. We kept the height, the plastic bag and the size of the egg the same however we did change one thing. We changed the material used to help protect the egg.

Using different materials such as rice, couscous, cotton wool and paper napkins we made predictions about which would be the best material the protect the egg. Most of us thought the cotton wool would be the best to protect the egg and at least those that didn’t ’t survive will at least be comforted knowing they were smashed for a good cause, and if not, you can at least have scrambled eggs for dinner right?

We think you should try this experiment because we were surprised at the results. Thanks Ms Elliot!