Dogs Trust Visits St. Declan’s NS

My name is Lucy and this is my owner Audrey and we both work for Dogs Trust, Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity.

I came to visit your school to help you learn all about Dogs Trust, how to be a responsible dog owner and how to stay safe around dogs. I love visiting schools and making new friends.

My role is very important and great fun too!

Here are a few facts you might want to know about me before I come to your class:

  • I am a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles and I’m very friendly and affectionate.
  • I may have never been to your school before or met you, even if I have it is still a big place so please do your best to keep calm, sit still and make me feel welcome.
  • Sometimes I can bark in workshops but only to ask my owner for attention! Please don’t worry, as it’s very normal for dogs to do this! Just do your best to keep calm and show me the proper way to behave.
  • If you want to pet me, you first need to learn how to do so safely. My owner will show you how during your workshop. You must always ask the owner before petting a dog.
  • My three favourite things are walkies, food and my teddy, who is called nibbles.
  • Although I’ll always try my best to be there, sometimes I might not make it. Just like you I can get sick, or have a day when I’m not feeling great, and so it’s better for me to stay at home. If this happens I’m sorry, but I’m sure that my owner will do a great job without me!

Audrey and Lucy visited Mr Muroe 4th class Room 5, Ms Mooney 4th class Room 20 and Ms Jenkinson 4th class Room 21. They even came into the staffroom at breaktime to have a cup of tea with the teachers. Thank you to Mr Mulroe for organising it.