Digital Schools Week

We were very in Room 13 for Digital Schools Week. We used the microphone to read from the board, we did show and tell that teacher recorded. We were able to watch ourselves and say two good things about our show and tell and one wish that we could do better the next time. We really enjoyed this 🙂 Teacher and Ms McEnroy did station teaching with us. We had three stations, one was an independent station where we were able to work on our workbooks alone…. how grown up eh?! On Friday we all brought a digital toy to school and took turns sharing and trying out the different toys. It was a brilliant way to end the week 🙂

Senior Infants, Rm 13, Ms. Doran

Photo 27-01-2014 10 04 44

Photo 27-01-2014 10 04 44

Photo 27-01-2014 10 04 56

Photo 27-01-2014 10 05 43