Decky our Christmas Elf

Decky went to visit Mr Ryan’s 3rd class yesterday. He wrote a note on the whiteboard which read

“Dear Mr Ryan , Please do not give the children any homework this evening. Love from Decky”.

Then Decky went out to the hall to watch the choir practising for their performance for the parents. He even sang along to some of his favourite carols. Ms Lydon said he had a lovely voice.

Then Decky was found doing cartwheels and tumbles near the PE equipment. But a least he used a gymnastics mat.

When Ms Doran opened her door who was sitting in her Christmas wreath………yes of course Decky !!

Then Decky opened the Maths cage and took the dices out to play. Ms Mc Enroy will be very cross when she sees the mess he made.

He then took out the boom whackers from the music cage and tried to play Jingle Bells. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way………………….

Decky snuck into the staff room at break time where Mr Mc Keown was having his lunch. When Mr Mc Keown wasn’t looking he took a bite out of his sandwich.