Decky and Eddie

Decky and Eddie have only arrived in St. Declan’s and already they are up to mischief. When Joanne went for her lunch she came back to find Eddie on her computer and answering her phone. Decky was up on the shelf counting the coins from the coin counting machine.

Decky got into Joanne’s drawer and opened a box of roses sweets while Eddie tried to photocopy some pictures on the colour printer.

Then Eddie was really adventurous and tried to go on one of the kids scooter. Joanne gave him a good telling off.

When Ms Mc Gowan Room 26 came in from her break she found Eddie and Decky in her library reading books.

Ms Brogan Room 17 got a big surprise when she found Decky and Eddie in her classroom after making a big mess. We think Decky might have a crush on Ms Brogan as he left her a love note.