Decky and Eddie

We had a lovely surprise today when Decky our Christmas elf and his best friend Eddie arrived in a big box from the North Pole. Our postman Neil came in to tell Joanne he had a special delivery addressed to Mr Kearins.

There was a letter inside addressed to all the boys and girls.

Decky and Eddie were delighted to be back in St. Declan’s NS. They remembered how well the children were behaved in our school last year and asked Santa if they could come back to see all their friends again. Mrs Collier was delighted to see her two old pals and she had a little chat with them to tell them all about our new principal Mr Kearins and how they would have to behave themselves as they were a little bit naughty last year. Mrs Collier read out the St. Declan’s code of discipline policy and the elves listened very carefully. They signed the code of discipline policy and promised they would try really hard to be on their best behaviour.

And they were very good …………….for about TEN MINUTES

Decky and Eddie trying to print each other on the photocopier………..            and the price of ink !!

Going for a spin on Ms O’Halloran’s sleigh………They will need the practise for Christmas Eve.

Joanne should know better than to encourage them.

Going for a cycle……….and not a helmet in sight !!

Sending messages on Aladdin

Mrs Collier was going to ring Neil to see if he would come back for them at hometime and it’s only DAY ONE !!!