Decky and Eddie 14-12-18

It’s been another fun filled day in St Declan’s. It was like a scene from Funtasia Waterpark this morning in Room 9 Ms O’Malley’s class as Eddie and Decky looked all set to go for a swim.Check out their wigs.

Messing with tinsel in Mr Ryan’s class Room 19

In Ms Brogan’s Senior Infants Eddie left a love note for Ms Brogan asking him to be his girlfriend. He let his mobile number for her to ring him but Ms Brogan sent him a messge saying it probably wouldn’t work out between them as he liives in the North Pole and she lives in Trim. Poor Eddie was heartbroken.

So Eddie wrote back to Ms Brogan as Mrs Collier wouldn’t let him use his phone during school hours.

Eddie and Deky got a bit carried away in Ms Joyce’s classroom. And they didn’t even stay to tidy up the mess.

So they were put to work in Joanne’s office hoovering.