Cyber Safety

We had a visit last Friday from Garda Barbara Kelly and Garda Derek Halligan who spoke to our three 5th classes in relation to personal safety. They spoke in depth about the importance of preventing cyber bullying and staying safe online.They covered the apps Tik Tok, Instagram and Snapchat. They warned the children about the dangers of such apps as a lot of children using them are under age. The recommended age for using such apps is 13 years old. They suggested changing their profiles to private so their personal information wouldn’t be visible. They spoke of the importance of thinking carefully before photographs are uploaded as some photos might include their school crest, club crest etc. If strangers make contact with them online they should block them and delete them and speak to their parents or someone they can trust if they have any issues. They watched a video from theJigsaw website called “thinkuknow.co.uk”