Competition Winners 2018

Well done to the following children from Junior Infants to sixth classes who won prizes for Seachtain Na Gaelige for poster/colouring and puc fada competitions.
Room 26 Daria and Dominic
Room 27 Ava and Mason
Room 28 Aidan and Demi
Room 29 Emma and Luke
Room12 Szymon and Lily
Room 13 Emmanuel and Alannah C
Room 14 Tommy and David
Room 15 Konstance and John
Room 16 Reegan and Andrew
Room 17 Chloe and Sebastian
Room 18 Sebastian and Melanie
Room 11 Gerard and Chloe
Room19 Hannah and Dylan
Room 9 Kian and Hannah
Room 21 Adam and Conor
Room 20 Sam and Cillian
Room 24 Aleksander and Abigail
Room 25 Jorja and Ella
Room 2 Jade and Alex
Room 3 Mila and Hrvoje
Room 4 Ana Rita and Darragh
Room 5 Craig and Mayyadah
Room 6 Glen and Jete
Room 7 Danna and Daniel