Christmas Concert Tickets

Our annual Christmas concerts take place in school next week. In order to ensure that as many people as possible can be accommodated , four performances will take place over Wednesday the 11th and Thursday the 12th of December.  Due to the size of our hall a limit of two tickets per show is available to each family. We ask parents to co-operate with us in this matter.  Tickets will go on sale today through Aladdin. The cost of two tickets is €5. A link will be sent to your phone to purchase tickets for each show separately. If you have children in more than one show the tickets must be purchased per show.  Please ensure that all tickets are purchased by this Friday the 6th of December at the latest. Tickets will be distributed next Monday and Tuesday.


Performance Date and Time Rooms
Show 1 White Tickets Wednesday 11th Dec 4pm 26,27,28,29,14,17
Show 2 Green Tickets Wednesday 11th Dec 7pm 20,21,5,7,2,3
Show 3 Red Tickets Thursday 12th Dec 4pm 12,13,15,16,18,19
Show 4 Blue Tickets Thursday 12th Dec 7pm 9,11,4,6,8,24,25