Bye Bye Decky

Decky spent his last day in St. Declan’s today and he left the school after big break to return to the North Pole. Yesterday he helped Santa out when he came to visit the boys and girls. Santa couldn’t believe how naughty he had been but he was delighted to hear that al the children in St Declan’s were behaving well.

Decky got up to a few of his tricks before he left of course. He went over to Ms Kelly’s fourth class yesterday after school and was hiding in her class this morning when all the boys and girls came in.

Then he was found swinging on the railings. Luckily Mr Reidy didn’t see him or he would have been in big trouble.

When Joanne came back from her office after doing a message she found Decky trapped in the bin. She rescued him as he looked a bit scared.

Decky went to assembly today and presented all the classes with an elf report to say that he would be telling Santa the great news that children in St. Declan’s were excellent.

Then Decky got a lovely surprise when Buddy the elf from Room 20 asked if he could join him on his journey back to the North Pole. Decky said he would be delighted to have the company.

Neil our postman collected Decky from Mrs Colier’s office. He thanked Mr Reidy for the lovely time he had in St. Declan’s. He popped down to his girlfriend Ms Doran for a quick kiss before he left. He promised her he would send her a postcard. Bye bye Decky we will miss you love from all your friends in St Declan’s. X X X X X X