Busy September

Here in Room 16, we have had a hectic September. It is our first time in until 3 o’clock and we were very tired at the start but now we are so busy that we barely notice the extra time. We have started wearing the full uniform too with our brand new pinafores, shirts trousers jumpers and ties.

For the first while, we were practising maths, reading and other things we did in Senior Infants and now we have moved on to the numbers between 1 and 20. We have been adding numbers, writing numbers and playing games.

In History, Geography and Science we have been learning about different types of transport, autumn and ourselves.Today, we learned about the penny-farthing bicycle and watched a video on how to cycle one. We learned how to write our address as well so we wrote a letter to ourselves, Ms. Quinlan gave us stamps and we went to the post box to post them. We posted the letters Friday and some of us got them by Tuesday.

We are in an underwater classroom and we created fish and turtles for our classroom we cut, coloured and painted these ourselves. we also brought in our baby pictures and had a guessing game to see if we could guess who the baby was.

Have a look at our pictures!